Religious Education

Religious Education reflects not only the religious values of our Catholic community, but also the value of developing religious literacy in our students. Our junior Religious Education curriculum seeks to enliven students understanding in light of the Catholic tradition, encouraging students to participate critically in deepening their appreciation and depth of their own faith tradition, whilst learning to authentically engage and exchange dialogue with all people of faith.

Religious Education offers opportunities to stir the imagination of students about various ways in which humans understand and express the mystery of God, including insights from the major world religions. The curriculum content is organised into four interrelated strands: Sacred Texts, Beliefs, Church and Christian Life. Each strand has its own distinctive body of knowledge, and each year students build on prior learning. Students develop their understanding of the experience of people of faith throughout human history, some ways in which the Church has responded to the presence of good and evil, and the various sources that guide the Church’s action in the world. They learn about various sources of inspiration, strength and guidance for believers today, and ways in which believers live their Christian vocation.