Fees & Charges

The quality of education we offer to all students rests on our ability to provide excellent resources and facilities. The College relies on the timely payment of school fees to meet its running costs. Fees are due in full in week four of each term unless paid by suitable and regular instalments. School fees are charged and payable over four terms with the exception of Year 12, which is charged and payable over three terms.

Schedule of Charges 2019

Years 7 and 8
Fee Type$ Per Term$ Per Year
College Levy5382,152
Years 9 and 10
Fee Type$ Per Term$ Per Year
College Levy5762,304
Year 11
Fee Type$ Per Term$ Per Year
College Levy6182,472
Year 12 Trimester – Invoiced over 3 terms
Fee Type$ Per Term$ Per Year
College Levy8242,472

* Fees quoted are indicative for the current year only (2019) and are subject to change at the commencement of each subsequent year.

Other Charges

  • Year 7 Camp: The cost for the Year 7 camp is approximately $336 and is charged over Terms 1, 2 & 3.
  • Year 9 Camp: The cost for the Year 9 camp is approximately $410 and is charged over Terms 1, 2 & 3.
  • Year 12 Retreat: The cost for the Year 12 retreat is approximately $240 and is charged to Term 2 fees.
  • Excursions: The College Levy covers curriculum related excursions costing a total of $25 or less per student. Excursions over this amount will be charged to fees.
  • Extra-curricular excursions: The costs for extra-curricular excursions are paid directly to the College and are not charged to fees. Please note that participation in overseas excursions would not be approved where fees are in arrears.

*Canberra Catholic Schools Building Fund (CCSBF)

The Building Fund donation is a tax deductible voluntary contribution, payable to the eldest child’s systemic school.

Enrolment Fees

Enrolment fee for Years 7-10 is $50 (non-refundable). The enrolment fee for Year 11 (continuing students) is $100 (non-refundable), of which $100 is credited against Year 11 first term fees. The enrolment fee for Year 11 and 12 (new students) is $150 (non-refundable), of which $100 is credited against Year 11/12 first term fees.

Tuition Fee Sibling Discount

Families with more than one child attending St Clare’s College or who have children attending other Catholic Education High Schools in addition to St Clare’s College (ie. John Paul College, St Francis Xavier College, St Mary MacKillop College and Merici College) may be eligible for a discount on their tuition fees. The Sibling Discount Form can be found here:

Discounts are:

  • 20% for second child attending an Archdiocesan secondary school
  • 50% for third child attending an Archdiocesan secondary school
  • 100% for fourth or subsequent child/ren attending either an Archdiocesan primary or secondary school.


  • Full fee is payable on the eldest child.
  • Where parents have students in both an Archdiocesan primary and secondary school simultaneously, a 20% discount applies to the eldest primary school child. Please contact your primary school for further details.
  • The Sibling Discount Form must be completed and returned by 31 January before this discount can be applied. 

Payment Methods

The College offers various methods for payment of school fees, including: Qkr!; credit or debit card; BPay; direct debit; eftpos; cheque or cash.  


It may be more convenient for you to pay school fees by regular and suitable instalments which ensure the account is paid in full by the end of each term or year. This can be set up via direct debit (form available on the College website) or BPay. Please contact the Accounts Office or refer to your Fee Statement for further information.

When paying by instalment, it is the responsibility of parents and carers to ensure that the payment is sufficient to cover all charges throughout the year. It is recommended that parents reconcile their Family Fee Statement each term to ensure fees will be fully paid by December of each year.

Overdue Accounts

The College is required to follow up overdue accounts. Where there are arrears without an accepted payment plan, and/or a lack of communication regarding outstanding fees, the College may use the services of an external debt collection agency.

Financial Difficulty

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact College Accounts on 6260 9461 or Reception on 6260 9400 to discuss the matter.

The College is able to provide fee relief to assist families experiencing genuine and evidenced financial hardship by confidential application to the College Concessions Committee. Forms and information can be obtained from the Accounts Office.

College Leave

If a student is on leave from the College for an extended period (eg. overseas holiday), full fees are payable for that time.

Cancellation of Enrolment

If a student leaves the College during the school term and the school has received a minimum two weeks written notice of this, the family is eligible for a refund of 50% of the current term’s fees if the date of departure is within the first half of the term. Where the date of departure is in the second half of the term, no refund is applied.

If less than two weeks’ notice has been given, refunds are at the discretion of the Principal, giving regard to the circumstances of departure. Should payment in full not be possible at time of leaving, an arrangement for payment would need to be agreed to with the Accounts Office.

Further Information

For further information please contact the Accounts Clerk on 6260 9461 or accounts@stcc.act.edu.au