Welcome to St Clare’s College

St Clare’s College is an inclusive and caring community where learning is valued and students are given every opportunity to grow in all dimensions of their life. We provide a safe and empowering environment for students to reach their full potential. Read More…

What do you Seek?

St Clare's College gives students the opportunity to grow in all dimensions of their life. We actively encourage our students to 'Seek Wisdom' at every opportunity. To see what our Junior Students (Years 7-9) and Senior Students (Years 10-12) 'Seek' please click on the following videos. Enrol today to 'Seek' the education your daughter deserves.

Principal's Message

In the final edition of Tidings for 2019, on behalf of Mr Cooney, I wish to thank the whole St Clare’s College community for their partnership and support throughout the year. The spirit of the community has been very evident in all our major events this year and is highlighted in this edition of Tidings.

Last weekend I invited some of my family around to my house for a BBQ to talk about Christmas Day organisation. Whilst the adults were talking and planning my sons and their cousins were playing hide and seek in the backyard. I watched as they were searching for their ideal hiding place, the frantic running... Read more »