Junior Studies (Years 7 – 10)

Years 7 and 8 Courses

Core Subjects
Religious EducationEnglish
MathematicsLanguages: French, Italian or
The Wisdom Program*
Health and Physical EducationSOSE – History; Civics and
Citizenship (2021)
SOSE – Geography; Economics and
Business (from 2022)
The Arts Electives
→ Dance
→ Drama
→ Music
→ Visual Arts
Technologies Electives
→ Design Technology
→ Food Technology
→ Textiles
→ Information Technology

Elective subjects are undertaken and rotated each semester over Years 7 and 8.

* Enrolment in this course is invitational and identified through academic testing and diagnostics. Parents are can opt for their child not to participate in this class and join the selected language of study.

Years 9 and 10 Courses

Core Subjects
Religious Education
Youth Ministry*
BSSS Studies of Religion**
Health and Physical EducationScienceSOSE History + Elective Choice
Languages (year long study)
The Arts (semester or year long study)
MusicPhotographyVisual Arts
Technologies (semester or year long study)
Design TechnologyFashion and Textile TechnologyFood Technology
Graphic DesignHospitality (Year 10)Digital Technology
SOSE (semester and/or year long study)
Civics and CitizenshipEconomics and BusinessGeography
STEAM*** (semester or year long study)
The Seeker Program

*Students have the option of replacing regular Religious Education units with Youth Ministry units during Years 9 and 10.

**Students in Year 10, who have a grade point average greater than seven and a learner behaviour average greater than three, will have the opportunity to accelerate their senior units of study by commencing the BSSS Studies of Religion course.

***Science, Technologies, Engineering, The Arts and Mathematics.