College Executive

Sandra Darley

(Acting) Principal

Sandra has been an educator in both all girls and co educational secondary schools in NSW and the ACT for 30 years. She has a deep knowledge and experience of girls education and places the delivery of a diverse, flexible, curriculum informed by a Catholic World view and supported by creative, entrepreneurial approaches to learning and teaching at the heart of her planning and collaboration with her teams. She is committed to securing the delivery of excellence in educational outcomes for all students to enrich the school she leads as a Professional Learning community for students, staff and families and the wider College community it serves.

Her leadership experience includes Head of Campus, Acting Principal, Senior Officer Curriculum and Pedagogy, co lecturer in the ACU Masters of Education and Educational Leadership programmes and secondary teacher of Religious Education and Humanities.

Brad Cooney


An outstanding educator with over 20 years’ experience Brad is passionate about excellence in girls’ education. He has a strong interest in professional learning, curriculum and teacher development and wellbeing programs. Brad is focused on creating and delivering an environment where individuals can flourish and receive an education that will set them up for life.

Brad has gained extensive teaching and leadership experience in the Catholic and independent school sector in NSW and the ACT. He has been a Head of House, Head of Creative Arts and Deputy and Assistant Principal of two girls’ schools in Canberra.

Dearne Marrapodi

Assistant Principal Learning and Teaching

Dearne brings over 15 years’ experience as an educator and leader in education in the Catholic and independent sector in the ACT and VIC. An advocate for an all girls education, Dearne is committed to fostering a culture of strong academic achievement, empowering girls to challenge the gender stereotypes that attempt to define them. A high level of engagement with contemporary research into teaching and learning practice, including the use of assessment and data to inform and drive school improvement and effectiveness, Dearne is committed to leading innovation and strength-based approaches to create positive change in schools and the social factors that influence education.

Monica Bailey

Assistant Principal Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

With over 20 years’ experience in ACT and NSW Catholic schools, Monica is passionate about the role of girl’s education in shaping a learning community that supports individuals to negotiate academic challenges whilst further developing an understanding of themselves and their place in the world. Pastoral Care is fundamental in this process, ensuring a holistic approach to education; supporting all facets of the girls’ development that builds resilience and resolve, to face the challenges with wisdom and assuredness. Monica strives to ensure students are open to opportunities that develop forward thinking, compassionate change makers who recognise the importance of the female perspective in the wider community.

Nicola Edghill

Assistant Principal Operations and School Development

Nicola is an accomplished teacher, and a passionate advocate for Catholic education. Her efforts to continuously improve student learning outcomes at St Clare’s is underpinned by a commitment to enhancing teachers’ critical and creative pedagogical skills as the non-negotiable basis for student growth. This is enhanced by a collaborative approach, seeking opportunities to refine and enhance processes and programs that best support the needs of both staff and students. Nicola brings extensive teaching and leadership experience across a range of Curriculum and Pastoral Care roles, bolstering her capacity to respond flexibly to the evolving developmental needs of the College.

Julie Fitzgerald

Business Manager

Julie is passionate about supporting teaching and learning in the College.  She and her team strive for the best possible outcomes in managing and expanding the financial, administrative and physical resources of the College, including good governance and quality facilities, grounds, equipment and IT for our students. Julie leads a dedicated team of support staff across a myriad of services, committed to continually developing and implementing innovative projects and services for the College.