Private Music Lessons

Whether string, woodwind, vocal or brass instrument in your daughter’s passion we have a number of excellent opportunities for students to progress her passion. We have a number of very talented private music teachers who come to the College during school hours. The fee for each half-hour lesson is set by the individual teacher.

Private Music Teachers Operating Out of St Clare’s College
PianoAnthony Bozicevic
Giselle Roberts
0416 704 085
0412 982 708
FluteJane Rylands
6273 388 or 0412 140 289Email
GuitarDennis Hanrahan0420 648 095Email
VoiceLauren Nihill0402 483 450Email
Julia Clancy0406 137 240Email
CelloGillian Pereira0407 256 235Email
Private Music Teachers Operating Out of St Edmund’s College
BrassJustin Lindgard
0412 128 171
Drums and TrumpetDerrick Brassington
0412 631 741

If you are interested in having your daughter taught through the school’s private music tuition program it is necessary to contact the teacher of the instrument you wish to learn via contact details provided.

As the College timetable is a ten-day cycle, students’ music lessons will be rotated on a term basis to ensure students do not miss the same class lessons throughout the year. It is the student’s responsibility to keep up with their school work and ensure that these lessons do not clash with any tests or assessments for which they have been given prior notice. Arrangements can be made with the private music teacher to arrange an alternative time.

Furthermore, if a student is attending excursions, sports carnivals, retreats, competitions or any other school event, or due to illness they cannot attend their lesson, they must notify their private music teacher at least 24 hours in advance so alternative arrangements can be made. If 24 hours’ notice is not given to the private music teacher, you will be charged for the lesson.

If you would like your daughter to participate in the private lessons, please contact the Arts and Languages Coordinator.

Learning a String Instrument at St Clare’s

St Clare’s runs a successful Beginner Chamber Orchestra. The program allows students learn violin, viola or cello with minimal cost for one semester. The cost is $230 which includes instrument hire.

Students attend a morning Beginner Chamber Orchestra rehearsal where they will receive tuition from expert violin and cello teachers. They also receive a small group lesson during the school day with the tutor in order to develop their skills with more individual attention.

If your daughter is interested in pursuing the violin, viola or cello after the 6 months then you can arrange private tuition with the tutor.

If you would like your daughter to be involved in this exciting opportunity then please email Kylie Bayada: