Curriculum Focus

St Clare’s College prides itself in developing and delivering an excellent curriculum catering for the learning needs of a wide range of students.

At St Clare’s College, we are always looking forward with the intent to prepare students for twenty-first century citizenship and employment. Our strategic intent – Seek Wisdom frames our commitment to becoming a Visible Learning School. Facilitating the use of researched based teaching practices in all classrooms helps to ensure that every student is engaged, challenged and experiences at least one years’ growth as a learner each year. To achieve this, our curriculum and teaching practice looks to capture:

  • New ways of thinking – focusing on creativity and innovation, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision making, learning to learn and the development of metacognition;
  • Looking at ways of working together – concentrating on communication, collaboration and teamwork;
  • Ways of using new tools – looking at information and ICT literacy; and
  • Ways of living productively in the world – specifically citizenship, life and career development, personal and social responsibility.

Our education programs are informed and driven by the Australian Curriculum. The curriculum supports the deepening of knowledge, understanding and skills in all nine learning areas: Religion, English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Health and Physical Education, Technologies, Arts and Languages.

Learn more about St Clare’s curriculum in our Junior Studies and Senior Studies pages.

Student Progress Program (SPP)

A Focused and Supportive Study Environment Open To All Students

The Student Progress Program (SPP) is a College initiative designed to support academic achievement and growth. The program is operational every Tuesday and Thursday, in the Learning Commons from 3.30pm – 5.00pm. It is resourced with academic tutors and faculty staff, including a teacher-librarian to assist with any resourcing needs for class study and/or assessment.

The SPP is a focused and supportive study environment that is open to all students. The SPP requires a strong commitment to meeting the prescribed study conditions. Student attendance will be recorded, monitored and tracked using the SEQTA kiosk, requiring students to tag-in and out.

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