Inclusive Education

Every student at St Clare’s has the opportunity to engage in both academic and social learning alongside their peers. Each student is a valued member of the College and the College recognises that each student learns uniquely. Some students require reasonable adjustments and modifications to successfully engage both in and out of the classroom. Students with specific needs have access to targeted interventions to ensure their learning is optimised both socially and cognitively. Engaging your child in their learning so that we can help place them firmly on a pathway for future success is our ultimate goal! St Clare’s Inclusive Education faculty works with students, their families and, where appropriate, their medical practitioners to develop teaching practices that support their specific learning needs.

Specialised teaching practices can include differentiating the curriculum to ensure content can be accessible to each learner. Curriculum programs are modified where necessary to ensure content and skills are delivered at a level the child can access and participate in. Altering assessment tasks to make sure every student can show growth and experience success, and utilising teacher assistants so students gain the most out of each learning opportunity. 

The Inclusive Education team works closely with students and their families to develop Personalised Plans that support academic and social learning. The team consists of a Classroom Support Teacher who works closely with teaching staff to develop inclusive teaching practices, co-teaching and modelling of effective Classroom Support Assistants.