Our Principal

St Clare’s College is a “spirited learning community” with an outstanding history of educating and empowering young women for more than fifty years. Our educational philosophy is built upon the belief that every student can learn.

Learning is esteemed and students are given opportunities to grow in all dimensions of their life. We actively encourage our students to Seek Wisdom at every opportunity. The teachings of Jesus and the example set by St Clare of Assisi provides the axis on which the College revolves in regards to its policies and daily practices. We provide a safe and welcoming environment for students in order for them to develop into confident, informed and articulate young women, ready to take their place in the wider community beyond school.

There are many opportunities for students at St Clare’s to participate in extra-curricular activities that complement the academic program including leadership development programs, debating, drama, dance, music and a wide range of team sports. Student leadership has a high profile in the College through the Student Representative Council and the strong House system.

Our faculty staff are experienced and well qualified to offer best practice in contemporary teaching and learning. The College has modern facilities to support the learning and extra-curricular programs that are on offer.

As Principal, it is my privilege to work with parents and their daughters as they journey with us through the secondary years of schooling, towards reaching their full potential.

I look forward to working with your family and welcoming you to St Clare’s College.

Brad Cooney