Our Principal

St Clare’s College is a spirited learning community, with an outstanding history of more than fifty years, educating and empowering young women.

Our educational philosophy is built upon the fundamental belief that every student can learn. Our comprehensive academic, pastoral and extra-curricular programs provide students with ongoing opportunities to grow in all dimensions of their lives.

The example set by St Clare of Assisi inspires our community to seek wisdom and to strive to live out the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our safe and welcoming environment supports students to develop into confident, informed and articulate young women, ready to take their place in the wider community beyond school.

Our teachers are well qualified to offer best practice in contemporary teaching and learning, strengthened though their engagement with the Catalyst program supported by Catholic Education. Our magnificent new Learning Commons further enhances our modern facilities and support the learning and extra-curricular programs that we offer.

As Principal, it is my privilege to work with parents and their daughters as they journey with us through the secondary years of schooling.

I look forward to working with your family and welcoming you to St Clare’s College.

Dr Ann Cleary