Insiprational Women

Kate Dryden (nee Fennessy)

Class of 1998

Kate went to St Clare’s for Years 7-9, finishing high school overseas at an international school. After completing an Asian Studies / Law degree at ANU she left Canberra for Sydney, working as a Judge’s Associate at the Federal Court of Australia and a solicitor at law firms Mallesons and Baker & McKenzie. She worked in the US for a year as in-house counsel for a carbon trading firm before starting her career at global environmental services company, Veolia, in 2010. She was General Counsel for Veolia ANZ until mid-2017, leading the legal function in delivering legal support to aspects of the company’s operations, passionate about the company’s core goal of environmental sustainability. In 2017 and 2018 she was recognised by the Doyle’s List as a leading in-house planning and environment lawyer.

In 2017 Kate was appointed to the role of Executive General Manager Growth for Veolia, leading the evaluation of strategic business development opportunities across a range of areas within Veolia’s water, waste and energy offerings, from new industrial client solutions to digital technology and healthcare. She is also a Company Director and Executive Team member, with accountability for wider business strategy development and execution.

With the St Clare’s motto “seek wisdom” never far from her mind, Kate is a regular speaker at conferences and in the media and is a member of a number of boards and committees. Passionate about diversity and inclusion she has championed its importance both within Veolia and more broadly. Kate married her husband, Lee, in 2010 and is a mum of two boys, aged 4 and 6.