Insiprational Women

Casey Edwards

Class of 2010

When Casey Edwards arrives at work each morning she has the unique privilege of participating in open heart surgery and the challenge of making life-or-death decisions for her patients. Casey believes that St Clare’s College set her firmly on the path to the career she enjoys today.

Thanks to some dedicated teachers who invested their time and effort in creating opportunities for Casey, she developed a passion for science at St Clare’s that she never had before. She graduated from high school in 2010. Following a Bachelor of Medical Science at the ANU she began a rare internship to become a cardiac perfusionist at The Canberra Hospital. It took two more years of study, many late nights, sacrificed weekends and some serious character building.

Now, Casey is now responsible for numerous life support systems in cardiac surgery and intensive care supporting some of the sickest patients in the hospital. She loves the fast-paced, dynamic nature of her job but most of all, the feeling that her skills make a real difference to the lives of sick Canberrans and their families. She also contributes to scientific research, which has recently taken her to the international stage. In June 2017 she was awarded the “Best New Presenter” in Europe for her work on haemoglobin measurement devices for cardiac surgery.

Casey wishes to thank the St Clare’s community for the positive, formative years she spent there. She is passionate about the involvement of young women in STEM careers and hopes her story inspires students of today to continue working hard throughout their high school years because “St Clare’s women are capable of truly amazing things!”