Student Magazine – The Seeker

The Seeker is the official St Clare’s student magazine launched in 2013. Created for students by students with limited teacher assistance, the editorial team releases one edition a term. The Seeker aims to inform, empower and entertain students of St Clare’s whilst providing an opportunity for girls to write and gain a wide range of skills. If part of the editorial team, girls are encouraged to write at least one article on any subject of their choice. Their article is then designed and proofread before being published with the rest of the articles towards the latter half of the term. There is an emphasis for the team to keep in touch with school news and write original work. Each publication is released digitally while content is flexible in order to keep varied and relevant.

The articles in The Seeker typically fall into one of four main subjects:

  • Lifestyle
  • School and Community
  • Science and Sport
  • Arts and Entertainment

The girls find being part of The Seeker a rewarding experience. Students should definitely consider pursuing the project if they are interested.