Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Scholarship (Years 11 and 12)

One scholarship offered to a new or continuing student who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and/or progress in the area of STEM.

This scholarship is available to a current or potential student who has demonstrated an outstanding talent for Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics. Applicants are required to have excellent logical and problem-solving skills and be aspiring to undertake a career in a STEM field. Students must undertake a tertiary package and if studying Mathematics it is a requirement of this scholarship that it be studied at the senior level ie Specialist Methods (T) and Specialist Mathematics (T).

This scholarship will cover 50% of the school fees (including the College Levy) for Years 11 and 12. All additional expenses such as excursions over $25, formal tickets and uniforms etc are not included as part of this scholarship.