Subject Selection Years 7 – 10

Years 7 and 8 Courses

Core Subjects Trimester Subjects Semester Based Subjects
Religion SOSE – History The Arts – Dance
English SOSE – Geography The Arts – Drama
Mathematics SOSE – Civics and Citizenship  The Arts – Music
Science SOSE – Economics and Business  The Arts – Visual Arts
Languages – French, Italian or Japanese   Technology – Design 
Physical Education and Health   Technology – Food 
    Technology – Information 
    Technology – Textile 

Note: ICT is integrated across the curriculum.

Years 9 and 10 Courses

In Year 9 students can pick six electives. This must include one from The Arts, one from Technology and one from SOSE. In Year 10 Students can pick six electives. Please note some subjects require prerequisites.

Core Subjects Year 9 Electives Year 10 Electives
Religion Year Long Electives Year Long Electives
English French French
Mathematics Italian Italian
Physical Education and Health Japanese Japanese
Science Semester Electives Semester Electives
SOSE – History SOSE – Civics and Citizenship SOSE – Civics and Citizenship
  SOSE – Economics and Business SOSE – Economics and Business
  SOSE – Geography SOSE – Geography
  The Arts – Dance The Arts – Dance
  The Arts – Drama The Arts – Drama
  The Arts – Media The Arts – Media
  The Arts – Music The Arts – Music
  The Arts – Visual Arts The Arts – Visual Arts
  Technology – Food Technology – Food
  Technology –  Graphic Design Technology – Graphic Design
  Technology – Information Technology – Information
  Technology – Textile  Technology – Textile
  Help Yourself  Help Yourself
  The Seeker Program The Seeker Program

Core Subjects: Subjects studied throughout the duration of each year.
Trimester Based Subjects: Subjects studied throughout the entirety of the school year.
Semester Based Subjects: Subjects studied for one semester each during the course of the two years.
Year Long Electives: Subjects studied throughout the duration of the year. These subjects are sequential.