BYOD Program

St Clare’s College has implemented a Bring Your Own Device program. Students may have up to two devices on the College network. Whilst the College does not mandate any one particular device nor recommend anyone reseller we ask that the device be capable of seeing the College student wireless network and the document with specifications for the devices to do that is attached. We encourage you to take the specifications with you to your preferred retailer.

It is our expectation that all students have their devices as early as possible in Term 1. The device should be a tool for learning for your daughter. IT staff have arranged for online access to the Microsoft Office 365 suite and instructions for accessing the free student version are available on the school Intranet and from the IT Helpdesk. Students will be given their account details when they begin at the College and will be able to access Office 365 with that account. Students will need to return their Acceptable Use Agreement form, if they have not already done so, in order for the account to be activated and maintained.


Download (PDF, 402KB)