College Board

St Clare’s College Board provides the opportunity for parents to represent the College Community by supporting the mission of Catholic education at St Clare’s College. Working with the Chaplain, Principal and staff, Board members provide leadership to the school community.

The Board has a decision-making role in certain policy areas and an advisory role in others. The policies of the school are always set within the wider mission of Catholic education. In the areas where it has responsibility for the development and monitoring of policy the Board operates within the policy and procedures determined by the Catholic Education Commission and the Catholic Education Office.

The Board has several sub-committees including the Works and Maintenance Committee which oversees the long-term planning of building and other works and general maintenance issues. There is also a Fees Concession Committee which considers requests for assistance with school fees.  Both these committees include the Principal, the Business Manager and at least one parent representative.

When a vacancy for a parent representative arises, expressions of interest are called for via the College Newsletter, Tidings.

2023 College Board Members

  • John Norgrove (Parent Representative – Board Chair)
  • Alana Scheiffers (Parent Representative – Board Deputy Chair)
  • Ann Cleary (Principal and Executive Officer of the College Board)
  • Phil Coe (College Executive)
  • Vikram Bhatia (College Executive)
  • Anna Gilbert (Parent Representative)
  • Tony Godden (Staff Representative)
  • Susan Harris (Parent Representative)
  • Samantha Losanno (Parent Representative and Concessions Committee Rep)
  • Stephanie Males (Parent Representative)