Year 10

Year 10 Week Schedule

Dear Parents/Carers. Below is a schedule of the events occurring in Year 10 Week. This letter will also be emailed to Year 10 families. In Week 10 of this term (27 June – 1 July), all Year 10 students will participate in Year 10 Week. This program aims to assist students in making appropriate pathway... Read more »

Year 10 Mighty Helpful Mighty Year 10 Projects

As an SRC initiative, all Year 10 PC classes are taking on an independent project to support our immediate, local or wider community. Also, as our year group theme is “Mighty Helpful Mighty Year 10’s” we thought a year-long project that focuses on helping others would prepare us for the senior school with their heavy... Read more »

Year 10 Self-Defence Classes

Year 10 students have been focusing on several areas of wellness in the Term 2 Pastoral Care Program, with a range of guest speakers talking on topics from cervical cancer awareness to mental health and how to look after your mates. One highlight has been the team from Synergy Self-Defence and Fitness. Craig, Bronnie and... Read more »