War Memorial Excursion

On Tuesday 23 August students in Year 10 Japanese accompanied the Year 10 History classes on an excursion to the War Memorial. Their task was to investigate the divine nature of the Emperor and his position as a focus for the nation; samurai throughout Japanese history, and their ethical code of Bushido; the reputation of... Read more »

Combined Cooking Class

On Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 June, students from the Year 9 Japanese class combined with students from Mrs Collins Food Technology class to cook a sponge cake and a Japanese savoury pancake called Okonomiyaki. On the Wednesday class the teachers demonstrated both recipes and the Japanese class were reminded of the Food Technology class routines. We... Read more »

ANU Languages Showcase

On the 31 May, five students from the Year 10 Japanese were invited to attend the ANU Languages Showcase. Each student had to register onilne and choose four lectures to attend. A few of us (Georgia, Alex and Charlotte) went to the Japanese lecture. We found it really interesting and enjoyable and got to experience some Japanese culture.... Read more »

Learn more about Japanese culture by taking part in our Sister City Exchange!

1st Australian Arts Olympiad – Taiwan R.O.C. (IAO) IAO is a global educational event focusing on the arts and aesthetics. It is hoped that through cultural exchange and collaborative works between different countries, both domestic and international students will gain insights toward their vision on at and aesthetic education. For the academic year 2016, the... Read more »