Our Mission

We are a Spirited Learning Community

St Clare’s is Spirited

  • Based on the Gospel
  • Enlivened by the Spirit
  • Open to life, change and challenge
  • Valuing consultative, cooperative processes
  • Preparing students to take an active role in the community
  • Enthusiastic, hopeful and empowering
  • Committed to justice

The Learning Program at St Clare’s

  • Is holistic
  • Offers diversity
  • Promotes high achievement
  • Is open to new educational developments
  • Values the uniqueness of each individual
  • Strives for the spiritual, physical, emotional intellectual, aesthetic development of all students

St Clare’s is a Catholic Community

  • Of students, parents, staff and teachers
  • Which affirms, nurtures, and empowers all members
  • Committed to love, peace, joy and hope
  • Building the Kingdom of God
  • Developing young women to reach their potential
  • Open to the poor.

Our Vision

St Clare’s College is a Catholic community committed to the holistic education of young women. It is an inclusive and welcoming community.

St Clare’s College attempts to be a true reflection of the teachings of Jesus as espoused in the gospels. The College, therefore, attempts to provide a caring and just environment for staff, students and their families.

This caring environment enables each and every member of the community to reach their God-given potential. It encourages staff to be confident in contributing to the full life of the College. It enables students to deepen their lives spiritually; to acquire personal academic excellence.

The College reflects the Catholic tradition through formal Religious Education classes, the Pastoral Care framework and programs and the quality of its prayer life and liturgies.

The College is a Spirited Learning Community, open to life, challenge and change. It promotes high achievement and values the uniqueness of each individual. St Clare’s acknowledges and celebrates its achievements as a community. It is committed to building the collective capacity of the community to shape its future direction.

Upon completion of her studies at St Clare’s College each young woman should have had the opportunity to:

  • grow in love and understanding of God, self and neighbour
  • develop her knowledge and skills and acquire an appreciation of learning
  • reach her intellectual potential
  • develop a strong sense of community and personal awareness
  • demonstrate taking responsibility for her own actions and decisions.