College Captain

Hello and welcome back to  St Clare’s College for Semester 2! I sincerely hope that everyone had an enjoyable and restful break, and that we are all ready for the incredibly exciting weeks ahead.

Seek Wisdom is familiar to all within the St Clare’s community as the College’s motto. Wisdom has too often become synonymous with intelligence and bound by the parameters in schools of high-achieving academic students. However, with St Clare’s College, this is not the case. Miles Kington, a British journalist once said: “knowledge is knowing that tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.” As such, at St Clare’s we believe that wisdom does not only pertain to ‘book-smarts’, but is also the quality of having experience, good judgement and understanding that continues to develop with us. Through the incredible opportunities and support that St Clare’s provides, we can seek wisdom across multiple spheres – academic, spiritual, physical and emotional.

St Clare’s kicked off 2017 with a bang! The College hosted a multitude of events, ranging from the 2017 launch of Caritas Project Compassion to a school-wide Ban the Bins Day, where the school raised awareness to how much waste is produced per day. Four St Clare’s Houses also ran their incredibly successful Charity Days for L’Arche and Karinya House. The two days saw the entire school enjoying bake sales, talent shows, volunteering, and cheering on their leadership team in Netball games with other Canberra Colleges. Every student of St Clare’s College should be commended for their outstanding participation in these events, as they truly dived head first into being active members of the broader Canberra community.

Semester 1 also saw the students donning their House colours and cheering until their throats ran dry during the Athletic and Swimming Carnivals. The St Clare’s girls ran, jumped, threw, tugged and swam until the victorious houses were ultimately announced. A huge congratulation to the girls that went on to qualify for the next-level competition, ASC. Year after year, these carnivals never fail to invoke unrivalled House spirit, and the House cheers echoed down the halls for weeks afterwards.
The Leadership Team is well underway with planning amazing events for the final Semester of 2017, and we cannot wait to see the zest and spirit that every St Clare’s girl will add!

Megan Phipps
2017 College Captain