College Captain

Hello and welcome back to St Clare’s College! I am Lydia Milosavljevic your College Captain for 2018. I’m very excited for the year ahead. I hope everyone had a lovely break and is ready for the New Year!

Saint Clare is known for her confidence. Confidence in young girls is vital. They need to be confident in their own skin so they can become the leaders of tomorrow. Evidence suggests that one of the most important things that builds confidence in young women is having older role models. To build on this and inspire confidence in our younger students we are introducing a program called The Sisterhood of the Saints. This is where older girls become role models as they are paired with younger students. I’m very excited to see this program in action and to hear your stories throughout the year! There are lots of events coming up that will help the Sisters bond!

Semester 1 is here and so are the many traditional St Clare’s events! Our Sports Captain Emma Rowcliffe and our House Captains are organising the annual swimming and athletic carnivals. Many assemblies and Masses will also be held with the help of our Faith and Community Captain Anjalie Upasena. She and the Youth Ministry Team are coordinating youth rallies, Masses and other events to celebrate The Year of Youth! The Arts and Culture Captain Lucy Sugerman is bringing arts to life in our community whilst boosting and raising the importance of culture. With her committee, Amy Thomas our Sustainability Captain is supporting our community – both local and global. Social Justice Captain Casey Horan and her committee are helping build the community around us.

You can be confident that your ‘Captain Team’ have many plans for the year ahead. We are delighted to be leading this and are buzzing with excitement – literally! We all feel honoured and promise to commit and dedicate ourselves to these positions. As a team, we will lead this school with pride and empathy. This year is not about the 22 of us. It’s about ALL of us. So we will work hard to spotlight and uplift all our amazing students and their achievements. We encourage you all to step up, express your views, be a part of something great, dream big and be yourself.

Jesus never just told people what to do. He spoke truth and gave guidance, never forcing or dictating. He was a role model for us all. God guided His Son, and He will guide His daughters (us) through this year.

This year will be a blast. I am honoured to be your College Captain for 2018.

Thank you very much. I am excited to see what we achieve!

Lydia Milosavljevic
2018 College Captain