College Captain

Hello and welcome back for the final term of 2018! I hope everyone is refreshed and ready to push through this last haul.

Last term was jam-packed crazy. Our biggest event was St Clare’s Day on Friday 17 August and it was SUPER. The theme was ‘Our Heroes’ and the day consisted of rockin’ costumes, fantastic rides, a variety of foods and a spectacular talent show. The day was a massive success and a total blast!

The following week St Clare’s experienced Stress-Less Week: a week of stress relieving activities organised and run by the Student Representative Council (SRC). The SRC had been tirelessly working toward this massive event. Each day had a theme: Monday – Calming Day, where origami and drawing occurred; Tuesday – Hobby Day, where robotics and sewing thrived; Wednesday – Girls Make Your Move, where dodgeball and ‘Just Dance’ was pumpin’; Thursday – Garden Day, where the first ever St Clare’s worm farm and garden began; and Friday – FRIENDS, where the TV show ‘Friends’ was played for students in the hall (popcorn included). A massive thanks and congratulations to the SRC for this incredible and successful event.

Following this, students involved in the Arts had the privilege of travelling to Sydney for three days of fun. After participating in a NIDA workshop, experiencing a special Sydney Opera House tour, enjoying a day at Darling Harbour and witnessing the musical Calamity Jane, the students were inspired. Thank you to all staff involved and to Ms Vanessa Johnson for her passion and dedication, making this excursion possible.

As for this term, we are scared! There are only a few weeks until the Christmas break (and until I leave you *cries*). St Clare’s will be so busy that the time will fly! Speaking of flying, the Japanese students are back from their Japan trip! The students spent their holiday visiting traditional temples and shrines as well as Disney Sea, Hiroshima and Homestay. We hope they aren’t too tired for the term ahead. Early this term, the band is headed to Band Camp in preparation for Big Band Bash! We wish them luck. We also wish the best for the Middle School Production of Falling when they perform November 8-10: get your tickets! It’s all very exciting.

This past year has been spectacular. St Clare’s has accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. I am incredibly proud of this school and am extremely grateful to have held a position of leadership. Thank you and good luck to the College Captain of 2019.

Signing off,

Lydia Milosavljevic
2018 College Captain