College Captain

Hello and welcome to the 2019 school year!

It is a joy to serve as College Captain this year for a school which has fostered my own academic, personal and spiritual growth during these hectic teenage years. This year, the student leadership team and I have set our goal as helping students discover and fall in love with what it means to be a St Clare’s girl, something that is not very hard to do!

2019’s liturgical theme is “Perhaps you were born for such a time as this” (Esther 4:14), and it is in grabbing life with two hands and knowing that living right here, right now is something to celebrate and make the most of, that we embody what it means to be a St Clare’s girl.

Living life to the full is being grateful for every gift and going for every opportunity. It is in working hard in class, competing with spirit and joy at carnivals, lifting our sisters up in tough times and seeking Jesus with our whole hearts that we embody St Clare’s spirit. This is what it means to be a St Clare’s girl.

What I love about Term 1 is all of the new opportunities ready to be explored! Students can start their classes off with a bang! I encourage all students to throw all their efforts in, ask questions, take more notes, go further in their studies, continually ask how they can improve, and look forward to reaping the rewards later (and trust me, the rewards are worth it).

Students can sign up for Science or Art club, try debating, join the band, sign up for the College magazine, audition for a production, put their hand up in class more, break a sweat in PE or start a conversation with someone they don’t know (even better if that person is God!), and all in all, dive into life! St Clare’s offers students so much to enrich our lives as young women, and I can’t wait to watch the students take these opportunities by the horns. There is nothing more empowering than young women living full lives in which they foster joy, friendship, honesty, integrity and drive. I might just cry at the sight of it!!

I pray that God blesses each student and staff member, and continues to reveal his heart to us individually and as a College community.

All my prayers and best wishes for the term and year ahead!

Laura van der Linden
2019 College Captain