College Captain

Hello and welcome back to term three semester two! I hope everyone had a restful break and is replenished for the semester ahead. I cannot believe we are already half way through the year. This year is flying! St Clare’s has achieved so much and we still have so much more to do!

Last term, St Clare’s kicked off with our two ‘Try a Days’. Hundreds of Year 6 primary students entered our doors and experienced a day filled with fun! Split into allocated groups, the girls travelled around the school from class to class to experience a day at St Clare’s. Activities for the girls were run by current St Clare students. Cooking, drama, information technology, science, Japanese and many other electives were available. Both days were a massive success. All the girls who attended were absolutely lovely. We hope to see them next year! Thank you to the staff, House Captains and all other students who were involved.

As the term progressed, Sisterhood of the Saints (SOS) Friday Fortnights launched! SOS is a voluntary bonding program for Years 7, 10, 11 and 12. SOS occurs every second Friday, where girls come down to the oval for fun. Last term, activities included fun and games and a picnic lunch. We also have a Sisterhood Crew for Years 8 and 9. Girls can join and help create, decorate and participate! We had heaps of fun and will continue to, as this program will run in term three. Additionally, the Sisterhood of the Saints Sleepover (SOSSO) is happening Friday 27 July! This sleepover is open to all years as we felt everyone should be included in this bonding experience! I am super excited and I hope students are too! This night will be filled with games, bonding, music and talks. Get pumped!

The Student Representative Council (SRC) have a lot in store this term. Last term the Grant we applied for was approved. We have received enough funds to achieve our goals. Our main goal for term three is Stress-less Week. Activities for students will run in lunches to help achieve positivity and calmness in our busy environment.

This term we will be celebrating St Clare’s day on Friday 17 August! Our theme is, ‘Our Heroes’. St Clare’s day will be filled with activities, rides, food and our talent show! It is a day dedicated to celebrating and having fun. We are all looking forward to it.

Last semester was crazy and we still have heaps to do! However, I have faith in St Clare’s that this term will be fantastic and we will accomplish much.

Lydia Milosavljevic
2018 College Captain