College Captain

Hello and welcome back to St Clare’s College for term two! I hope everyone had a lovely break and are ready for the term ahead.

Last term was crazy! The year started with welcoming our enthusiastic year 7 students to our school and launching the Sisterhood of the Saints Program, which is running smoothly! The opening assemblies and Masses that followed were beautiful and memorable. Thank you to everyone involved.

Our amazing House Captains hit the ground racing (pun intended) with the swimming and athletic carnivals. Kipara claimed the swimming Championship and Wareen claimed athletics. These carnivals were absolutely incredible! Everyone was so involved and enthusiastic. The spirit of each house blew me out of the water (literally)! This spirit of St Clare’s can be seen through the hallways of our school. Saint Clare was known for her spirited youth, confidence and passion. Every St Clare’s girl exemplified the spirit of Saint Clare with how they dedicated themselves to the carnivals. Every student and every house has something to be proud of.

Our SRC (Student Representative Council) have been furiously working and promoting the school, spending the term analysing surveys, making changes and organising events. This term, the SRC plans to make changes after sorting the Mobile Phone Survey data. They are also organising fun events for students including Stress-Less week. Many more exciting events are ahead!

To end term one, we had the amazing Easter Liturgy which was put together by students, Music Ministry, Youth Ministry, our Faith and Community Captain Anjalie Upasena and our extraordinary Mrs Manning.

Thank you to everyone who made last term amazing.

As for this term, there is much to prepare for and a lot to look forward to! To kick it off, St Clare’s will be hosting two ‘Try A Days’ (1 & 8 May), where year 6 students can come to St Clare’s for a day and experience what it’s like to be a St Clare’s girl. Opening Evening (2 May) is another worthwhile experience. Come witness the spirit of St Clare’s through performances, paintings, talks and exhibits by students.

Speaking of performances, two musicals are just around the corner! St. Edmund’s Disco Inferno opens 3 May and Marist College’s The Addams Family opens 30 May. Many St Clare’s girls are involved in these musicals, including myself! Continuing this topic of drama, the Year 11 and 12 drama class will be running a Shakespeare Evening on the 24 May. Come along to support these wonderful girls in bringing Shakespeare to life!

As you can see, students of St Clare’s are going to be crazy busy! Thank you to everyone for making term one amazing. Term two is going to be so rewarding. Best of luck to everyone. I look forward to seeing what we do. Here’s a little line to keep you going…

Term two? There’s nothing St Clare’s can’t do.

Lydia Milosavljevic
2018 College Captain