International Women’s Day

On Wednesday 8 March, the St Clare’s community celebrated International Women’s Day. Our goal was to encourage the community to ‘be bold for change’ and break out of their cocoons. Students and teachers were invited to write on a
butterfly how they will be bold for change in 2017 and add it to the wall display. The event included a photo booth so that the message not only remained in our school but was spread into the wider community on social media.

We were also lucky enough to be invited to the International Women’s Day lunch at the Convention Centre. The event had a lineup of incredibly inspirational women who shared their powerful stories and messages to a number of women from the
Canberra community. The event inspired us so much that we can’t wait to create more initiatives that inspire women in our communities, keep an eye out later in the year for some more exciting women’s events!

Grace Lustri and Tori Salafia, Year 12