We are now more than half way through the journey of Lent which offers us a special opportunity to grow in our relationship with God and to deepen our commitment to a way of life, whose very foundation is in our baptism.

In our busy world, Lent provides us with an opportunity to reflect upon our habits, to pray more sincerely, experience regret for what we’ve done or failed to do, and to be generous to those in need. The Season of Lent is offered to us as a time of renewal: a time to strengthen our relationship with the Lord.
On Wednesday 5 April there will be a series of Easter liturgies for the students in year groups (Years 7,8,9 at 11.55am-12.35pm and Years 10,11,12 between 12.35-1.15pm) parents are most welcome to attend also.
Enrolments for 2018 have commenced. We have visited all the Catholic feeder primary schools, advertised in social and printed media and publicised on the website.
This is our opportunity to remind the community that we are welcoming to families, we are inclusive, open to all and we provide a great learning environment for the students. Our ‘Try a Day’ will be on Wednesday 26 April for prospective Year 7 students and Our College Open Evening will be hosted on Thursday 27 April from 4.30 pm – 7.30 pm. We will facilitate an information session for Year 11, 2018 on Monday 15 May from 6-7 pm. Do you know a family who is interested in a high quality Catholic education for their daughter? Give them a call and invite them to come along to one or all of the information sessions – spread the good news of what St Clare’s has to offer.
Interim Reports for Semester 1 were released on Friday 17 March. This report, in conjunction with the Parent-Teacher Interviews that are held on Thursday 30 March (4-7 pm) and Tuesday 4 April (4-6 pm), should enable you to get a reasonable idea of how your daughter is progressing academically so far this semester.
On the report there is a column where teachers have indicated whether they would like to see you at the Parent-Teacher Interviews. If the teacher has requested an interview for any subject it does not necessarily indicate that there is a serious problem. Similarly, while teachers may have written No to Interview Requested, they are very happy to see any parents of girls in their classes so bookings should be arranged as required.
The extraordinary House spirit exhibited by the students at St Clare’s College was on display again at our annual Swimming Carnival on Friday 24 March. We had a high attendance rate at the carnival which is testament to the commitment of our students to participate fully in College activities and events. Watching how our House Captains lead the younger students in preparation for this event and encourage their participation is very rewarding.
Please be advised that Term 2 will begin for all students on Wednesday 26 April following the public holiday for Anzac Day.
At the start of Term 2 it is expected that all girls will be in winter uniform. We wish to thank all the parents who have been supportive in ensuring that the girls are wearing the correct uniform and we wish to thank the girls for their cooperation also.
As the school term draws to a close so too does our journey through the season of Lent. I wish all families a happy and holy Easter and a restful Term 1 break.
Best Wishes,
Brad Cooney