Monthly Archives: May 2016

Care of library books and textbooks

This week the library has had several damaged books returned. We would like to remind students that when they borrow a book from the library, they are then responsible for the care of the book. If a book is returned to the library damaged, it may need to be replaced at your cost. Parents, please... Read more »

ACT School girls – Netball selections

Congratulations to Lauren Thomas and Grace Gibson who have been selected in the ACT School Girls team. Lauren and Grace will compete at the National Championships later in the year and we wish them luck in their preparation. Well done to Lily O’Brien and Ainsley Scrivener who have been selected as train on members. Mrs... Read more »

Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!

I am not sure whether it was coincidental or not but the opening of St Clare’s College (or Catholic Girls’ High School, Griffith as it was known then) occurred around the Feast of Pentecost on 30 May 1965. You would also be aware that the College logo is a representation of the gifts of the... Read more »

Beryl Women’s Inc

In year ten this year, each PC class has been asked to commit to a project to help others. For my PC class’ (Ulamina) project we decided to donate items of all types to Beryl Women’s Inc. A series of crisis houses nestled in Australia’s capital to help women get through the times where they... Read more »

Year 12 Retreat

At the end of week 3, the students of year 12 headed to the beautiful Greenhills Centre located in the Murrumbidgee corridor in Stromlo, to relax, rewind, and reconnect as a year group. The two days were filled with activities designed to allow us to focus on something other than our school work, and reflect... Read more »

Monique Murphy road to Rio (St Clare’s student 2011)

My name is Monique Murphy, I was in Kipara and graduated from St Clare’s in 2011. In 2013, I moved to Melbourne to study at RMIT. In 2014 I was in an accident involving a fall of over 20m. After waking from a week long coma I woke to find my right leg had been amputated... Read more »

Bill Turner Trophy U15 Football

Round 2 vs Radford College Radford College Oval Tuesday May 17  St Clare’s 4 defeated Radford College 3 Goals: Briana Maguire 2, Ellen Brown and Anna Mihalyka In what was an encounter of epic proportions a great opportunist golden goal from Briana Maguire in the last minute of extra time saw St Clare’s College advance... Read more »

Year 7 & 8 Birrigai Integration Day

Birrigai is an outdoor education centre set in the Brindabella Mountains and is a wonderful place for children to participate in a day of outdoor activities which provide leadership, challenges, and personal development. On Wednesday 4 May Years 7 and 8 students from St Clare’s, Girls Grammar, Gold Creek and Campbell spent a beautiful, sunny... Read more »

Musica Viva Touring St Clare’s College

On 16 May, the Year 8 students of St Clare’s College were invited to attend a musical performance performed by Akoustic Odyssey, a group performing as part of the Musica Viva Touring Schools Performance Program. Akoustic Odyssey was a four-member band formed ten years ago in Adelaide. The performance engaged the audience by asking for... Read more »

School Fees

School fees are now due for payment. If you do not have an approved arrangement in place with the College, please pay your account in full now. If you have an instalment payment plan in place (direct debit, BPay, BPoint), please ensure your payments are sufficient to have your account paid in full by the... Read more »

Year 8 Study Date

The Year 8 Study Date is held every Tuesday at lunchtime in the Library. The Year 8 Study Date is an opportunity for Year 8 students to study, seek assistance for their assignments and have academic conversations with their peers. All Year 8 students are invited to bring their lunch and their assignments and alleviate... Read more »